The Chef

Jesús Astarriaga, a professional who has wide experience in hotel management, is behind the scene in the kitchen supervising the preparation of the sumptuous dishes at the Asturriaga Restaurant.
He is not only a chef but also a proud lover of his land and the produce which enable such delicious meals as well. He is also well known for his elaborate cocktails, for which he has won many prizes, such as:

• Navarra Champion 2003 “Beer Drawers”
• Navarra runner up 2003 “Cocktails”
• Navarra Champion 2004 “Cocktails”
• Navarra Champion 2004 “Beer Drawers” (shared)
• Spanish Cocktail Championship 2004 7th place, Lanzarote.
• 3 times finalist at the Bacardi-Martini province contest.

We hope to give you a warm welcome soon. Bon appétit!.